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Expand your product selection

Expand your product selection

Everyone is doing apparel. Sell a unique medium that isn't completely saturation and over done.

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  • Made in the USA

    No need to wait for shipment from China like other services. All our products are made in the USA and ship fast.

  • Highest Quality

    These are printed and then cut/sewn, which means better quality. You won't find higher quality anywhere.

  • High profits

    The price point of these items is such where you have to sell way less goods than selling other low priced items like t-shirts or mugs.


Is creating artwork for leggings hard?

Creating artwork to be printed onto leggings has been hard in the past but we use patterns which drastically simplifies the entire process. For more information on finding and formatting artwork to use with the app please check out this guide.

What makes your leggings so special?

The leggings are made of 86% Polyester & 14% Lycra (spandex). The leggings are made using a flatlock stitch which is the least abrasive and strongest stitch. With leggings the stitch needs to move as much as the fabric so it's important to have a quality stitch. These leggings are what you call cut and sew. That basically means that they start out with just the material, the design is put on the material and then it is cut out and sew it together. It's a pretty neat process.

Ok, your leggings sound great but how much do they cost?

We've tried really hard to keep our legging affordable to leave you ample room for profit. Our leggings are $25/pair and US Shipping is $5 plus $2/additional item and International Shipping is $10 plus $2/additional item.